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Tips for achieving larger space kitchen

These days, in highly populated cities there are more complaints about the size of the rooms. Due to excessive cost of living, the space is cramped up. Cooking area is one where we need sufficient amount space for storage, cooking purpose, enough amount of space for leeway and much more. Buy kitchen cabinets online India to overcome the space constraint and follow the tips for organizing small kitchens.


As kitchen is one of the most functional units of a home and it where your delicious meal is cooked and served to make your day complete; as it really needs to have efficient storage that is aesthetically and practically appealing with convenient facility yet stylish with accessories required to make a kitchen look absolutely stunning and extra ordinary pleasing.


Open Kitchen

If the space is cramped and looks really small for you to design a typical kitchen, then go for open kitchen where you can integrate kitchen with living and dining with no space constraint. You will have easy access to either of the rooms in a more hazzle free way.

Closed Cabinets

Having efficient number of storage cabinets lets you to incorporate all the essentials in an organized manner.

Open shelves

Stock the staples on to the open shelves so that you store only regularly used items for easy access and quick meal.


Hook a under shelf baskets for storing essentials. These ideas are only given by top interior designers in Bangalore. The modern concepts offer tremendous ideas which lead to break down constraints that usually happen in kitchen with lack of space.


Use colors that make your kitchen a lively one. Colors like yellow, orange, green can give a brighter look. The touches of the wood with preferred laminates as per the color combination offer eternal tranquil look and makes the space feel bigger.

Selective Surfaces

Always choose shiny floors, glossy paints and laminates, stainless steel appliances, slimmer cabinets, spacious lofts etc.

Add personal touches

Welcome your kids in creating an artistic handcrafts that add arrange them on the shelves and put on wall paintings that adds coolest personal touches and makes your kitchen look eternally exclusive with lively look.


Choose light colors for your kitchen. Use light where ever necessary, the more lighting; the bigger your kitchen space looks.

Consider these simple tips in order to make your kitchen look bigger. Implement all these and make your cooking space look clutter free and more welcoming with Bangalore’s leading interior designers, Scale inch Interiors.


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