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Modern Puja Unit Designs in 2020

As India celebrates its 70th Republic Day, Scaleinch wishes the very Happy Republic to all. On all the occasions in Jan being a festive season, we will turn back and look for some change. Yes! In this Republic, refurbish, rearrange your home with top interior designer in Bangalore. It’s time to avail Big Republic Sale up to 15% off on any order purchasing online. 

Out of all the rooms in your modern home, as every room has its importance and so the puja room also has its significance. Every Indian home is preferred to be customized with a puja mandir with typical designs having classic functionality adorning the entire space with its elegance and grace.

Puja rooms are usually small in size, in this modern days due to lack of space puja units are reduced to shelves, countertops, wall mounted pooja unit paired with crockery unit, few people make some small space in kitchens to organize the puja elements with small idols and tend to make puja mandir extremely small and compact. A home with no puja cabinet is said to be incomplete, so one of the best ideas is to hire an interior design for pooja room or to simply order modern puja unit online.

puja unit

As per the ideas your interior designers provide, the empty and unused space can easily be turned into a puja mandir by adding up lights and garnishing it with some decorative elements. Add the objects and other puja related items by wall mounting a shelf or fixing a drawer to organize things in a closed and tidy manner.

There are few simple concepts that you need to be clear before customizing modular puja mandir,

Opt whether you need a puja mandap or small shelf wall mounted?

Decide whether you want open puja mandir or closed cabinets?

Think before you custom design your puja mandir whether it should be more spacious or not?

It is more important to decide on the material that you use.

Right laminate to be chosen to make it look more enhancing

Color of the puja room wall, tiles, flooring, etc.

All these queries and confusions have one solution providing the best innovative ideas to bring your modern home look aesthetic and complete with utter quality of work providing coolest and functional suggestions with best interior designers in Bangalore Scaleinch.

The very important feature of the puja unit is to be maintained wholly clean as to bring in the divinity into the home, as the proverb says “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” we being Indians following the customs and rituals tend to have healthy interior design with experts at Scaleinch.

It is right to choose the best designers in the city having various services including,

Using only superior quality material

User preferred laminates

Free Consultation with expert designers

Offer 3D Designs

Free Installation

Free Service for 1 year

Free Delivery within Bangalore

No Hidden Charges

Affordable Prices

Hassle-free designs

Timely Delivery

Coolest Designs matching your lifestyle and budget and much more…  Scaleinch having its manufacturing unit craft the best designs offering a particular taste of the individual meeting their requirements. We coordinate with our clients from start to finish of the project keeping in mind that “We bring every inch of your interiors to life” For a wide range of collections logon to  or or simply dial us at 7676760027 or you can mail us your requirements at

2bhk, Bedroom, bedroom sets, Bedroom Sets, Commercial Interior Design, Corporate Interior Designer, Dining Room, Home Interior Design, Home Interior Designers in Bangalore, Kitchen Interior Design, Living, Living Room Furniture, Office Interior Design

This Winter Season makes your home look Christmassy

Hey, it’s already December! Christmas and New Year are just a few weeks away. It’s getting colder outside with warmer decorations inside. Deck up your home with adorable decors and fig up with the festive ethos is a joyous feeling in this season. Let the decorations not be the same as always before. More than just candles, lights, etc., find out more ideas that can help your home look more sparkling and twinkling.

We’ll start with the doors, adding holiday cheers to the doors show how we welcome the Christmas and New Year with utter joyous feel. The foyer and entryway units are to be designed by grasping the taste of the festive season where the attention is grabbed at the entrance of your home itself.

Create harmony with the unique style to get the merry feel to your home with various tips including, decking up the X-Mas tree with baubles, shining stars, and other small things that make up the environment dazzling.

To be a little creative come up with some DIY ideas; collect some wooden pieces, paint them up with color combinations and ornament it on the walls having an elegant yet bold look. The contrast between the texture and color adds life to the home interiors.

To make your decorations more focal add fireplaces that perfectly suit the winter season. Especially this is to be put on Christmas Eve with no fail. As our main discussion on the topic is to make your home look Christmassy.

Pick a theme and choose a pattern with style adding a cohesive look to your home offering an absolute look. The pattern should complement your house. The pattern is on the color theme, follows the same color for complete home interior designs that makes the entire space look astonishing with absolute perfection.

Mainly try to evoke special things that inspire your home. Decorations are not just for Christmas and New Year but it can also be decorated modestly to retain till the end of the year. Make the theme to be natural, which will always be liked by anyone. Maybe the twigs; for rustic look add up some dried leaves and scented flowers in a glass bottle; throw some fur pillows on the sofas. Bring home holiday interior plants that offer an eternally beautiful look throughout the year.

Apart from all these little things, get the home interiors designed by top interior designers in Bangalore who make your dream home come true with all living things that are simply astonishing with the classic touch of elegance. We are the best online furniture stores in Bangalore offering modern furniture online that is all factory-made. We being our own manufacturers, we craft all furniture and do end-to-end designs on a turnkey basis. Get complete home interiors designed within the stipulated time frame at its best quality.

This Christmas Season, you make your home shine with all needed designs and decors offering top-notch designs and we strive to bring every inch of your interiors to life by designing,

Best Kitchen Interior Design

Wooden Modular Wardrobes

Modern TV Cabinet

Portable Shoe Racks and much more including complete home interior designs.

We offer various services including,

Free Consultation

Free Installation

Free Service for 1 year

Usage of superior quality material

Varied laminate finishes

Unique designs

Affordable Prices

8-year material warranty

Timely delivery and much more…

Scaleinch Interiors wishes you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year 2020! We have our user-friendly websites showcasing plenty of designs that suit your style. For more designs and queries please free to call us at 7676760027 or explore our designs on and or simply mail us your requirements at

2bhk, Bedroom, bedroom sets, Bedroom Sets, Commercial Interior Design, Corporate Interior Designer, Dining Room, Home Interior Design, Kitchen Interior Design, Office Interior Design

Make the best of shoe rack designs for your modern home 2019

Are you looking for hallway storage ideas? The first thing that strikes your mind is; the entryway, which makes the living room eternally clutter-free by organizing your boots and flip flops to be housed into the in the racks. So now get prepared to sort all your footwear into the stunning shoe cabinets and embellish the living room with trendy yet functional designs.

Your mornings get easier when you are rushing to office from home when you have a shoe stand that fits in all your collections of footwear for your daily routine. It’s always confusing and hectic to look for the footwear that matches your outfit and it is tedious to find when it is unsorted. All these difficulties can overcome by custom designing the best shoe racks for your home. Get the shoe racks personalized as per your lifestyle and get the shoes lined up neatly into the sturdy modular shoe cabinets.  

There are various styles in designing the modular shoe racks,

Simple wooden racks – This type of shoe stands offer great open space and easy to pick it up and replace into the cabinet.

Shoe rack with display unit – Custom design modular shoe cabinets in a more innovative way by personalizing it with a display cabinet.

Ladder-type wooden shoe stand – Custom design ladder type shoe racks that offer great storage space and left open for easy access.

Wall-mounted shoe shelf – To make it simpler yet functional wall mount the shoe stands that maximizes the floor space.

Shoe racks combined with a planter box – This offers a welcoming look and tidies up the environment by making space look impressive.

Space efficient racks – Make it simple and practical by crafting the practical shoe rack that offers great storage space for the entire family.

Get lots more ideas with expert designers at top interior designers in Bangalore offering tremendous designs be like, portable shoe racks, sliding door shoe racks, hinged shoe racks with great storage facility.

Buy shoe rack online at best online furniture store Scaleinch. Avail modern furniture online with us at affordable prices. You can also get in touch with the expert designers who can suggest you everything in depth be it on quality of the furniture, materials used, laminate selection, color combinations, design patterns, etc., we are one among the best online furniture stores in Bangalore having a wide range of designs at the best prices. 

We at Scaleinch offer the best designs; we do end-to-end designs with the execution on the turnkey basis. We have our manufacturing units and offer great services including,

Free Consultation

Free Installation

Free 1 year service

8-year material warranty

Best designs

Affordable prices

Great workmanship

The varied selection of laminates and much more…

We have our user-friendly web portals and for easy access and convenient purchase of products online.  For more details dial us at 7676760027 or you can mail us your requirements at

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Importance in Investing on Bedroom

Rejuvenation, comfort and rest are all about bedrooms. Designing and decorating modern bedroom in a pleasant way is so important to make it tranquil. Modular bedroom design ideas can be implemented with the support of top most interior designers in Bangalore. If you are really looking for extraordinary designs for your home it is best to consider and avail consultation with Scaleinch, one of the best interior designers in Bangalore offering inspired home interiors by profound interior designers who can share their best solutions and offer one stop solutions for all your interior care.

Modern bedroom designs comes with various styles and adorning features and that includes, rustic style bedrooms, Scandinavian bedrooms including vintage style furniture having elegant touch of contemporary feel. These minimalist designs make the entire space look utterly sophisticated and cozy.

Wardrobes play a major role for making bedroom look complete. Buy modular wardrobe in Bangalore at Scaleinch possessing several types of wardrobes including hinged wardrobe, sliding wardrobe, wardrobes along with dressers, TV Unit, study unit, wardrobes with/without loft etc., many people prefer sliding door wardrobe and yes it is a good choice as it saves space and adds ritzy look to your bedroom. The finishing touch and the quality of the wardrobes are again dependant on the interior designers who make the space look utterly stunning. Always go for modular wardrobe designed with superior quality material. Designers using such high quality materials and hardware are very few in the city. One such trusted interior designer in Bangalore is Scaleinch Interiors who are trust worthy by its brand and serves to bring every inch of interiors to life.

Modular Wardrobe Bangalore, Scaleinch make the most of your space by crafting modular wardrobe with loft which can maximize the room space and create tremendous storage space and offer clutter free environment. By custom designing modular wardrobe the storage is made more pliable.

Buy wardrobes online at Scaleinch and make it practical with great added features which can be used for multitasking. Our expert designers add an attached mirror to the wardrobe so that there is no need to install mirror separately; you can also use it as a dresser. TV Units, study tables can also be attached to wardrobes and make it look simply stunning with adorable features. Get the wooden wardrobe online at a click with Scaleinch with coolest suggestions and great ideas.

Buy cupboard online at the affordable prices and customize them with accordance to your style. Utilize the best space in a efficient way with us. We offer tremendous services including,

  • Usage of superior quality plywood
  • Varied selection of laminates
  • Timely delivery
  • Free Consultation
  • Free Installation
  • Free service for 1 year
  • Free Quotation
  • 8 year material warranty and much more…

For easy access and further details logon to or or simply dial us at 7676760027 or mail us your requirements at

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Contemporary TV Unit Design Ideas for a Modular Home

Living room is a hub where family members meet and socialize. It is a place where we entertain guests where we tend to spend valuable at-home time together with the family. Very importantly we spend most of the time gluing with each other in front of the TV and it is the main reason to buy modern TV Unit online as it offers appealing look and draws attention being a focal point that is centered in the living room.

The designs of modern TV cabinet are available in plenty and it all depends on the space where we designate to fit in the entertainment unit. Most of the time modern TV units are preferred to be installed in the living room and in the master bedroom as per user accordance only when required. TV Units with storage cabinets are crafted to accommodate essentials in an organized manner and to avoid clutter. Or if the space is really cramped just a simple unit with back paneling looks more presentable with wall mounting designs.

While designing TV unit, the wall should be projected with dazzling designs and decorations which offers minimalist designs. The designs are to be simple with clear lines of classic touch. If you are low in budget, then basic wall mounting TV Cabinets are best. If you are looking for a next level of TV Unit concentrating on storage cabinets just craft a simple floating entertainment unit having which offers great storage space for fitting in essentials in an organized manner.

TV Wall Unit comes with wide range of styles. It is always right to take consultation from expert interior designers who can advise and suggest exactly on the dimensions according to the floor space. The advantages of having modern living room TV cabinet are, they capture the fascinating look and enhance the room with sparkling look and the wiring part are hidden and concealed beneath the TV Unit which ensures clutter free environment.

Many people prefer to posses TV Unit even in the master bedroom. Bedroom is a place where we tend to relax after an entire busy day at work. So it is necessary to have an entertainment unit in the bedroom. For having a beautiful TV Cabinet for a bedroom or anywhere in your home it is very important to consult a top interior designer in Bangalore offering great designing ideas to fulfill all your interior needs. Avail free consultation at Scale Inch, our designers offers coolest designs that suit your lifestyle and budget. At Scale Inch, we offer various services meeting all the requirements of the clients. We use superior quality materials, have varied laminates selections for client to choose as per their own taste matching the wall paint, we offer 8 years material warranty, offer 1 year free service, provide free installation, affordable prices, timely delivery etc., We at Scaleinch bring every inch of your interiors to life by customizing complete interior designs in a turnkey basis. We undertake everything from designing to execution.

For more details and wide range collections and designs log on to or simply dial us at 7676760027 or mail us your requirements to

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Wardrobes of your dreams for cozy bedroom

Wardrobes of your dreams for cozy bedroom

Modular wardrobe for bedroom can be crafted according to your needs with best advantage of having varied features associated with combination of several furniture that are required to make your room utterly cozy. The features completely rely on your taste and accordance.

The importance of wardrobe is to store essentials in an organized manner with no space constraint. But one of the major complaints from people comes regarding the storage. But the advantage of having a modular cupboard is to have different storage racks for fitting in different essentials in line with your taste.

The other complaint normally people feels that after getting the wardrobe fixed; they seem the wardrobe is either too big or too small totally irrelevant to the room space. But modular wardrobe interiors have no such confusions as it is initially designed as per the requirement having proper floor plan and utilization of the space using modern techniques.

Perfect wardrobe designs for your bedroom

Modern wardrobe offer best solutions complementing modular sliding wardrobe that are spacious and floor space is treated even better. Modular wardrobe cost is still affordable with varied selection of materials and laminates as per customer choice. Modern interior designers make our work more convenience and ease providing end-to-end solutions with clutter free designs.

Enhancing the look of your modern bedroom is absolutely done by the top interior designers in Bangalore by offering coolest designs with utter styles that are perfect to make your contemporary home look astonishingly beautiful.  We at Scale Inch make your interior designs completely suit your taste.  We also offer easy order online having user friendly website that deals exactly as per user wishes to customize. Your modular wardrobes for your dream home are at a snap of your finger now. We are one stop shop for all your interior solutions. We bring every inch of your interiors to life.

Scaleinch interiors, having its own manufacturing unit’s crafts functional furniture at the coolest prices satisfying all the interior needs of the customers providing services as follows.

  • Expert designers offering practical solutions
  • Free Consultation
  • Endless designs unless users are satisfied.
  • Modern practice of designs
  • Hassle free designs
  • We take care everything from design to execution
  •  Follow up until project completion
  • Usage of superior quality material
  • Varied laminate selections
  • Timely delivery
  • Free service for 1 year
  • 8 years material warranty
  • Free Installation and much more…

For more details and wide range collections and designs log on to or simply dial us at 7676760027 or mail us your requirements to

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This Dussehra Turn your Home into Bliss

Naada Habba(State Festival) of Karnataka is well known for its celebrations that takes place during the Dussehra span. This festival of triumph good over evil is an integral part of culture and heritage in all people celebrating Dussehra. On this autumn festive season the displays and figurines of dolls are kept for golu on the navarathri days. The poojas are performed in an efficient way, people bring home Godliness with utter divinity. We help you celebrate this Dussehra in a very pleasing way by offering home furniture online. Buy puja mandir online at the coolest prices only at Scale Inch, the best interior designers in Bangalore.

Scale Inch wishes you all a very Happy Dussehra, by making online furniture shopping more convenient. We bring soul to your home space and make your space utterly livable. Interior designs are highly conscious these days which helps us to learn more about the space. It’s a trick game and we play with the space we own. Be it your home cramped or spacious it’s just usage of proper textures and remarkable shading. Choose the modern interior designer in Bangalore offering coolest collection of designs having its own manufacturing unit to make your home look eternally comfort to live.

The progress of best interior designing firms in Bangalore is setting higher assessment by providing the best art with the intension of creating positive vibes that are functional yet attractive. Avail the best furniture to buy online. We make your online furniture shopping completely simple at just a click. Make instant order and get home wide range of wooden furniture at various categories only at and

All are designs are unique from each other. Varied styles and preferred designs as per user accordance and available space. The ordering process is very simple and user friendly. Scale Inch Interiors brightens up people’s life with varied fashionable style and eternal elegance. We bring every inch of your interiors to life.

Scale Inch offers its clients the best of all in manufacturing the furniture and designing interiors for home/office. We offer various services including,

  • Superior quality plywood
  • Varied laminate selection
  • Free Service for 1 year
  • 8 year material warranty
  • Free Installation
  • Wide range of designs
  • Factory made furniture
  • Free Consultation
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Custom design interiors
  • Timely Delivery

Innovative designs and much more…

Visit us at and

Mail us at

Dial us at 7676760027

Bedroom, bedroom sets, Bedroom Sets, Commercial Interior Design, Dining Room, Home Interior Design, Kitchen Interior Design, Living, Living Room, Living Room Furniture

Home Interior Design Packages

Interior design is an art in strengthening the structure of the home to achieve a sturdy and realistic feature that a modern interior design adorns. When it comes to finding an interior designer in Bangalore there should be no question that Scale Inch Interiors is a right choice for you to opt. We appertain our talents and experience concerning on your ideas and make your dream come true.


Scale Inch, one among the top interior designer in Bangalore offer various residential/commercial interior designs within your budget. In the interior designing process, the leeway planning plays an vital role in classifying the detailed design, in evolving the plans according to the consumption of the space, furniture installation etc., and we have various 2 BHK, 3 BHK and villa interior designs package having seamless designs and astonishing finishes that are simply stylish with sterling aesthetics. Our home interior design packages have several categories under each package according to client’s budget. We are budget interior designers in Bangalore offering various designs at the best prices along with stunning services.

The excellence in the interior design notion is nothing without the bona-fied details. At Scale Inch, we are deliberate and offer the best of best interior designing ever to assist everything from planning to execution. Our home interior design packages offer tremendous and impeccable designs with various services that thoroughly satisfy our clients.

Our interior designing packages for 2 BHK, 3 BHK and Villa covers varied packages as basic, premier and supreme with unique features, designs offering essential interiors that a home requires. Our packages offers efficacious use of living expanse as per individual’s specification taking into main consideration in proper space planning and essential storage cabinets. We make the designs practical in order to have appropriate layouts with proper leeway space having no traffic for the user to walk around. We make the space airy providing essential ventilations required such that the natural light enters home and keeps the entire home fresh always. Our designs are fashionable according to today’s trend yet offer traditional designs as per client’s requirement. We are dedicated and maintain our motto “We bring every inch of your interiors to life”

At Scale Inch, we provide our client’s the best services as follows,

• Usage of superior quality plywood
• Varied laminate finish
• 8 year on material
• Free Installation
• Free Quotation
• Free Service for one year
• Affordable Prices and much more…

Commercial Interior Design

Hire the Expert Commercial Interior Designers in Bangalore at an Affordable Price.

The science and art of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve an aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space is known as interior design. An interior designer is someone who plans, coordinates and manages such vast projects. Classy and more alluring interiors not just happen reliably, to make those things possible, we really need an interior designer; because those are well planned and designed by skilled commercial interior designers.


As we know Bangalore is the center of India’s high-tech industry, the city is also famed for its luxurious lifestyle and fashionable designs. So it’s a crucial thing to hire the best commercial or an office interior designer in Bangalore.

Bangalore commercial interior designers unite their pioneering artistic skills to create the most fascinating functional home or office spaces where people can live or work. They are strongly skilled with formal training and formal education along with the fortitude and craze of designing an impressive space of interiors. With their skills and expertise in lighting and colors, they design some heart- enthralling interiors.

Bangalore commercial interior designers provide top rated services like:

• To determine the objectives of the projects they offer the most reliable consulting services.
• They prepare some illustrations for their clients.
• They mostly arrange, organize, and allocate a space which best suit its functions.
• Generate creative and innovative plans for developing an aesthetic space.
• They also manage and design the interior details and fabrication of custom furnishings.
• From purchasing products to decors.
• They develop the specifications and documents relative to the interior spaces to be in compliance.
• Decorations, lightning and designing are also offered by the commercial or office Interior Designers in Bangalore.

Additionally, commercial interior designers in Bangalore have a strong sense of fashion and artistic quality when choosing furnishings, fabrics and decors for their clients and have the talent to visualize the final result of their deliberate & adroit designing components.

Are you planning to change your living home into your dream home? SCALE INCH provides the professional commercial interior designers in Bangalore. This company has years of experiences with them. Scale inch and its team encompass a wide range of interior designers providing designs that are highly proficient in nature and also ensure their clients to receive advance interior designs at a very reasonable price. We bring every inch of your interiors to life. Contact us at 7676760027 or visit

Bedroom, bedroom sets, Bedroom Sets, Commercial Interior Design, Corporate Interior Designer, Home Interior Design, Home Interior Designers in Bangalore, Living Room Furniture, Office Interior Design

Designing Tips for Modern Home Interiors

Scale Inch, one of the top interior designers in Bangalore! I thought I would generate a little fun with nine different designing tips to make your home a little more exceptional. The nine letter of SCALEINCH has got idiosyncratic designing tips to make your home look stunning.

S – Every home needs a wow factor! S stands for Satisfaction, where your home gets utter sophisticated look with enriched styles and pleasing look. Choose the utmost designing ideas by the experts at Scale Inch and feel the contentment of living life in your dream home.

Home-interior (1)

C – Colors! Plays an amazing role which makes your entire home look interesting. Having various color tones throw an extension of you. Customize complete home interior design along with great color combination that creates own mood and persona. The colors you select must have the qualities of peace, beauty and happiness. Scale Inch accentuates cool colors with discerning look.

A – Art that transforms your home look so delightful with cool pieces of sparkling and eye-catchy pieces of decors. Also try some DIY arts that simply adorn the space with utter elegance. The art work that embellishes your home are not just materials but also emotionally connected with elegant touch of grace and functional designs.

L- Lighting, Nothing ruins the ambiance faster having one big light that creates interest all over the home. Lighting is not just to be hung on the ceiling in the center of the room but look for a proper position and the designs of the lighting scheme for a home also need to be concentrated on how well it works offering correct lighting task illuminating the area too.

E- Eclectic designs, the adorable look to home space can be given by the Modern Interior designer Bangalore, Scale Inch offering the trendiest look according to today’s needs. Get the overwhelming designs with stunning and practical added decors for an appealing look that steals anyone’s attention over the interiors.

I – Intuition, at Scale Inch we understand your needs and bring the best out of it. We take detailed designing from start to end of the project considering the look of your home, the impressions that anyone could create at the glance and much more. We are the budget interior designers in Bangalore offering great work at the best prices.
N – We being top architects in Bangalore provide our valuable clients the most natural sources of decors and designing, we design your home with utter sophistication considering the natural source of light entering home with provided ventilations, organizing planter boxes that bring home a positive energy and good thoughts.

C – We offer complete home interior designing concentrating on simple and technical aspects that provides coolest designs with functional features.

H – Creating and maintaining harmony is one of the efficient features that anyone could prefer to opt. Creating such an ambiance is one of effective feature that Scale Inch holds. Tranquil atmosphere with elegant designs offer the best designing to lead a coolest lifestyle ever.

Scale Inch Interiors, having its own manufacturing units offer great designs at the affordable prices. Our services are unbeatable offering adorable designs. Our services include,

• 8 year warranty on plywood material
• Varied laminate finish
• Free Installation
• 1 year free service
• Quality design
• Genuine work
• Affordable prices and much more…