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Before Buying Wooden Furniture Online – 3 things you should to know about Wood Material

Judging a quality material before buying the furniture

Wood is an incredibly functional and favored furniture material. However the new-fashioned, fancy or flexible materials exist these days, people always trust and prefer opting wood for crafting furniture and decking up their living or working area. There are a variety of woods that are available in the market, having various features and specifications matching each one’s requirement.

Wooden furniture always has a special look and can make the entire space look attractive with its finest quality, exotic design and excellent finishing. Wood is basically strong which can be procured by hundreds of species of trees. The woods are very strong, sturdy and flexible too, can be shaped accordingly and furnished to make the space look exemplary.

Judging a quality material before buying the furniture

There are a variety of wood materials available in the market, but we need to mainly concentrate on the quality of the wood by its longevity, thickness, a material with no cracks, finishing etc. Nowadays online furniture store provides a detailed description of the products including the material, color, finishing, the type of wood, design, its functionality, dimensions and much more. The end-users who are unaware about the wooden materials can also buy products online with the help of detailed description provided by the online portal websites. In case, if the client needs to customize furniture or need to design their interior can contact the concerned interior expertise who can advise and suggest from the scratch.

Importance and reliability of Plywood

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Plywood is an adhesive quality of wood having to tweak the hardiness of the furniture. Plywood is one of the flexible and adaptable construction material that are hard-wearing and created by assembling veneers together. The collective pieces of veneers and the glueing process have been following since ages by Greeks and Romans for making furniture and this is now called as Plywood.

Scale Inch Interiors use superior quality plywood (Kitply) having grade 303 which is highly preferred by the clients and are sturdy to manufacture any furniture required to deck up and glam the interior space. The thickness of the plywood varies as per the furniture. Each furniture will have its unique quality and thickness of the material according to its characteristics. The plywood has great properties including, stability, high resistance, high strength, condensation resistance and much more.

Varied laminates with exotic material color

The laminates are used as an overlay over the plywood that can be used as a protective layer for the wood and serves to be scratch resistant by its nature of the finish. Laminates adds an elegance to the furniture and are available with the innumerable designs, patterns, colors and shades of laminates that can be used as per the theme of the interior and user accordance.

Varied laminates with exotic material color

Scale Inch, offers varied shades of branded laminates for the client’s to match their requirements. The laminate used in the above kitchen is a branded merino laminate with soft finish, offering great look with perfect cooking ambience along with functional features.

Scale Inch’s aim – Satisfying Customers with excellent service

Scale Inch Interiors, Bangalore’s one of the leading interior designing company offers the customers with its unbeatable quality of work having its own manufacturing units crafting the finest furniture using distinct and superior quality plywood with varied branded laminate finish. The scale Inch furniture is all factory made furniture meeting user demand and satisfying with its amazing final finishing touch that makes your dream come true. Scale Inch provides a 8 years material warranty and offers 1 year free service and always stands to serve its motto “We bring every inch of your interiors to life