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Lucrative deals on this Independence at Scale Inch Interiors

Time for us to celebrate our 72nd Independence and it’s just few days left for the anniversary which is the occasion for remembrance of patronage. Every year we celebrate Independence day with extended pleasure and resplendent gesture. This year let’s create a bang with great deals at Scale Inch’s unbeatable offers.

Plan up to design complete interior designing and avail a complementary house painting done worth it. Also design build a contemporary kitchen and get a free chimney worth 25000/- Walk in to our office or ring up to 7676760027 and confirm your booking in designing the interior and take the quotes at its best prices within your budget on this independence week.

Big Freedom sale on this Independence. Fulfill your dream by making your dream home come true with Scale Inch interiors. Our pricing is comparatively reasonable and our work is utterly perfect having expert interior designers who truly work only for customer’s satisfaction. It’s high time and demand in designing the interiors, so make sure to take your quotes as soon as possible as last few days left to celebrate this Independence with attractive deals.

Scale Inch Interiors, Bangalore’s one of the top most Interior Designers having its own furniture manufacturing units, crafting unique, functional and flexible furniture to make your living space look blissful with ecstatic to lead a more significant life and live in a invigorate environment at Browse our website for a wide range of designs and book a free consultation for customizing complete Interior Solutions at the reasonable prices and enjoy the trendy designs with classic theme and fascinating colors. Furnish your home with us and get a quality work done within the stipulated time frame offering free installation, free service for a year, free delivery within Karnataka, providing a 8 year warranty on quality plywood material with a varied laminate finish by creating 3D model designs. Live in your dream home and experience the hassle free work only at Scale Inch – “We bring every inch of your Interiors to Life”

Let us celebrate this Independence together designing interiors meeting all you requirements. Also plan up for a lively yet interesting activity held at our head office this Aug 15th. We have a colorful yet artful event, painting competition with all materials provided by us. Just walk in with your kids, family and friends. Come, paint and win exciting prizes. Once again a Happy Independence from team Scale Inch. Let us all celebrate this colorful Independence at Scale Inch by designing our dream home. For more details visit official websites and and dial 7676760027 for further details.

Commercial Interior Design, Corporate Interior Designer, Office Interior Design

Office Interior Designing Trends for this year

In today’s trendy world, it is so crucial to have a commercial space that amplifies the business. The reason for office interior design to be trendy is to adapt the requisites of the modern business.

Scale Inch pvt ltd possessing expertise in corporate office interior design, always focus on creating the best of their innovative designing ideas. We make the design of your office more effective that is inspired. Our designers, firstly emerges to see new and trending designs in the market for offering clients a dynamic approach.

It is always important for an organization to consider the employee satisfaction and comfort zone that results in utter productivity. With this in mind, we have extraordinary innovative yet trendy office designs for this year.

Pliable Designs – The workspace must be flexible enough for people to work with a lot of interest that boosts their energy to work all the day. To create such a mindset, we must offer eternally flexible office designs having a good number of work zones for people to sit in, either with other colleagues within a team or an in an individual cabin to avoid undesired intrusion.

md cabin 1

Dynamic Designs – This is one of the favored designs which are accepted and most welcome by the employee who tend to work in  an open free space that are capacious with free style furniture with no formal code of office setup.

acc 2

Fortune Designs – This design is mainly concentrated on well-being of employees working for long hours. The extreme comfort work zone with appropriate furniture, proper airflow, the lighting, indoor plants and much more that increases the efficiency of the work.

CAbin 6

There are various approaches in designing the office with varied working style, making the hue of the work environment more attractive and interesting with the natural elements that adds flavor.

Scale Inch Interiors, having its own manufacturing units offers stunning designs that match client’s requirement. Our team of expert interior designers is simply superb in creating the best for their valuable client.

Scale Inch Interiors offer various services and discounts along with quality work in bringing Every Inch of your Interiors to Life.

Our services include,

  • 8 Years Warranty
  • Usage of quality plywood with varied laminate finish
  • Free Installation
  • Free Delivery within Karnataka
  • 1 year free service
  • Affordable prices and much more.


Commercial Interior Design, Corporate Interior Designer, Office Interior Design

Planning to Design your Corporate Office? Here are Latest 2017 Trending Designs

Designing Interiors for Commercial Space is a knotty pursuit. The office area must be well planned, worthwhile, also creating a quirky and enchanting practice. Interior designing business should acclimatize their interiors to reflect present flavor. There is an outpouring demand for interior design solution ideas in designing corporate space.

Office Design Trends for 2017

Pliable Layouts – For Open Floor Spaces

Pliable Layouts – For Open Floor Spaces

A workplace given an effortless design makes you easily get the mould to an office environment. Clever choices in office furniture and design make the entire workspace look absolutely efficient and gets a pleasing mood to work. The trending designs utilized on the open workspace are very common these days and are preferred by most of our clients.

The glass top table gives a reputation, adding a caliber look, paired with comfortable chairs. The wallpaper adds a subtle theme to the cabin space. False Ceiling with lightings offers the entire space, elegance with utter professionalism. The planter box brings the cabin space a positive energy.

Modern Office Reception Designs Services

Modern Office Reception Designs Services

Elegant office furniture integrated with storage cabinets. The Reception Area of your organization is going to be the first flush at a conjecture. The reception area and the furniture evoke your business style. Designing the felicitous furniture that apt your organization is more important to make the office space look completely professional. This reception furniture design offers utter modularity made up of superior quality plywood with laminate finish. The plush sofa with proper backrest and armrest gives absolute comfort.

Contemporary Conference Table Ideas – Scale Inch at affordable price

Contemporary Conference Table Ideas – Scale Inch at affordable price

Ergonomic office furniture, customized having right height balancing the seating posture with extreme comfort. Add this flexible furniture to your office conference room highlighting its features. Organize a meeting by modulating the table as per requirement. Maximize the floor space by customizing office furniture with Scale Inch with added pragmatic features bestow the exquisite look. The pastel color combination of the wall painting and wall hangings adorns the conference room with the perfect look.

Cabin Interior Designs and Decorations

Cabin Interior Desings and Decorations

Stylish and Distinct Modular commercial furniture. The MD Cabin table offering a modern appeal with exceptional designs paired with comfy chairs. The false ceiling, wooden wall frame, wooden paneling, wooden paneling with pictures on top of it are the plus that attains the eye-captivating look with effective design. Office furniture manufacturer in Bangalore, Scale Inch having expertise Interior Designers, and Architects provides the customer the best by satisfying the client requirements. Choosing the appropriate office furniture design online makes it easy for the customer to design their own commercial furniture design for a pleasant and organized work environment. It is always a pleasure to work in an office having trendy designs incorporating plants and natural materials.

Synergetic Workspace for trending designs 2017

Synergetic Workspace for trending designs 2017

Office Interior designs are always concentrated, planned well before working on the designs and yes, nowadays every corporate space tends to design with modern and trending ideas. The adaptable furniture is so convenient to use with flexible and functional features, the colors play a vital role and thus influence the productivity and thus enhances the mood of the people to work more effectively. The neutral colors bring the office ambiance a peaceful look with a calming effect.

Scale Inch Interiors having their own Manufacturing Units located in Bangalore, stands for innovative designs, makes your Corporate Interior Design the best of all satisfying customer and employee by providing an open floor space with effective features. Get this hassle free design with clutter free furniture and experience the complete satisfaction at work by offering greater productivity. Scale Inch offers amazing services that inspire customers with reliable trust.

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